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High temperature, please pay attention to the daily maintenance of the injection molding machine

Release time:2018-05-18

May, should have felt the fragrance of the light summer, the sun through the thin clouds, feel the rhythm of the falling spring world.

However, the temperature in the early summer of this year is particularly hot. Due to the combined influence of subtropical high pressure and warm air mass, the temperature in many areas is as high as 37-39, with the highest temperature range in May.People are all taking advantage of the cool must lose, and do not forget to the injection molding machine equipment inspection and maintenance, for the equipment's follow-up long-term operation to avoid hidden dangers.

Maintenance and inspection of hydraulic equipment

In the process of adding new pressure oil, it is easy to bring in many metal and rubber particles because the pressure oil enters the fuel tank of the injection molding machine through the oil pipeline.

Due to the wear of hydraulic components such as the direction valve of the hydraulic motor of the oil pump and the feed core, particulates are easy to enter the hydraulic system with the pressure oil, resulting in pollution.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system and reduce the failure, the air filter oil cooler of the pressure oil must be maintained and inspected.

Pressure oil inspection

Within six months of use, the pressure oil of 100c.c. should be extracted from the oil tank and sent to the laboratory for inspection.If pressure oil is found to have deteriorated, it should be replaced immediately.

Please change the pressure oil within 3 months after the new machine runs, and then change the pressure oil once a year.

Inspection of air filters

On the top cover of the fuel tank, an air filter is installed at the inlet that doubles as the pressure oil, which makes the air in the tank easy to enter and leave according to the change of the oil surface in the tank.After each addition or addition of the pressure oil, remove the filter and place it on the container. Clean it with gasoline and then blow dry with compressed air.If not cleaned, it may cause dirt to enter the tank.

Oil filter inspection

After the machine starts running for 2 weeks, please take out the filter and clean it every three months to keep the oil suction pipe of the oil pump open.If the filter element on the filter is blocked by the object, the oil pump will make noise.

Inspection of cooler

After the cooler is used for a period of time, the scale will adhere to the inner wall of the heat pipe of the cooler, leading to the reduction of heat transfer efficiency and the rise of pressure oil. Therefore, the cooler should be cleaned every 6 months.

The effect of temperature on pressure oil

During injection, the temperature of the pressure oil is best kept at 30 to 50 degrees centigrade:

Accelerated oxidation leads to deterioration of pressure oil quality.

The decrease of pressure oil concentration may lead to the reduction of lubrication function, and the oil valve of oil pump is easy to be damaged.

Make sealing ring easy to harden, reduce sealing function.

Maintenance and inspection of lubricating oil

The clamping part is an important lubrication place, including the large and small hinge edge slider and guide bar.For a long time by continuously reciprocating friction action, the lack of proper lubrication, such as * will soon wear parts, a direct impact on the performance of mechanical parts and quality, should be regularly check whether the motor movement is normal.

Maintenance and inspection of mould locking device

Moving or rotating parts of the clamping structure, due to lack of lubricating oil can easily lead to wear and tear, if you can pay attention to the lubricating oil supply and the clamping part in each unblocked, and often pay attention to the strong mother with screws or silk, damage or malfunction of the mode-locked thereby reducing.In addition, the following points need to be noted:

Enough lubricating oil to prevent the wear of hinge parts.

Always check the lubricating transparent throat of the central lubrication system of the hinge of the machine, whether it is unimpeded and whether there is any break damage.

Check regularly whether the hinge part of the machine has bad wear, iron powder leakage.

Keep sliding guide track of moving template clean and lubricated.

Keep the surfaces of the four columniums clean.

Do not use bad mould, it will wear out the hinge of the machine, and will lead to the breaking of the columnar column.

Do not use excessive locking force, it will cause unnecessary deformation of mold and die cavity.In addition, the service life of the hinge die and the columnar cylinder will be shortened or damaged.

Do not use too small mold, too small mold will produce high bending stress on the template, long-term use will cause the template to burst.

Maintenance and inspection of melt tube

Do not activate the fuse motor when the fuse tube does not reach the preset temperature.

Make sure that the plastic inside the glue has completely melted when using the cable, otherwise damage the glue head set or the components of the drive system when the screw retreats.

Do not put anything else into the hopper except plastic and plastic additives. If a large amount of nozzle material is used, the bucket magnet should be added to prevent metal fragments from entering the fuse.

When installing or replacing the fixed screw on the head of the ejector pin rubber ring, a layer of heat-resistant lubricating oil shall be applied. If not applied, the screw part will be oxidized and difficult to be removed in the future.

When using (P.V.C. P.C.M) and other plastics, please shoot all the plastics in the melt tube before each stop and then clean the melt tube with PE PP plastic.

When the temperature of the glue tube is normal but the glue is found to have black spots or discoloration, it is necessary to check whether the rubber bolt ring and the glue ejector have wear.

Periodically check whether the screw on the piston rod is loose.

Inspection of die thickness adjustment

Mold thickness adjustment device should be used regularly, the template from the thickest adjustment time, back and forth to the thinnest to ensure the smooth action if use the same mold production machine for a long time, this examination is a must, in order to avoid the die failure, at the same time, the lubricating oil (butter) coated on the variable gear and chain.

Daily inspection

Make sure the emergency stop press can cut off part of the motor power of the oil pump.

Keep injection molding machine and fuselage around clean.

Check whether the temperature needle and heating tube operate normally.

Check whether the lock mode can be terminated when the security door is opened. Manual and semi-automatic operation locking die were used for testing respectively.

Check whether the mould is firmly installed on the lock head plate and moving template.

Check whether there is any leakage in the cooling water pipes and tighten the leaking pipes.

Check that all cover plates are securely mounted on the machine.

After starting and running for a period of time, check whether the oil temperature rises more than 50 degrees Celsius. Check the cooling water temperature of the cooling water supply. The oil temperature should be kept at 30-50 degrees Celsius.

Check whether the mechanical safety lock is operating normally.

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