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Countries declare war on plastic pollution

Release time:2018-06-06

Beijing, June 5 (xinhua) -- the theme of this year's world environment day is "quick plastic warfare" and calls for global attention to plastic pollution, xinhua reported. Many countries all over the world have declared war on plastic pollution.

5, including native New Zealand's largest supermarket chain, the countdown supermarket (12 New Zealand, New Zealand post large enterprises jointly issued "reduced model statement", announced that 2025 years ago to cancel all plastic packaging. New Zealand's deputy environment minister eugnie sachs praised companies for their sense of social responsibility, but warned that plastic reduction is a long-term project that will require more participation.

Various environmental campaigns were held across Poland on the same day. In the capital Warsaw, volunteer groups have taken to the streets to promote environmental protection and clean up plastic waste. They are also promoting environmental protection at subway stops, syntagma square, the palace of cultural sciences square, the Copernican monument and the university of Warsaw. Several polish television stations, websites and major media have also taken part in the campaign to encourage people to take the initiative to reduce plastic waste.

India is hosting this year's world environment day. Since this year, across India to "plastic garbage pollution" as the theme, organized a series of public speaking, the government announced that all of the wildlife areas and national parks do not use plastic products, from all over the country have in school.

On June 5, is Japan's "environmental basic law regulation environment day in Japan, in the environment ministry, driven by the June was known as the" environment ", is celebrated all over the country all kinds of promotional activities.

In this year's world environment day before the weekend, Japan's environment ministry and various enterprises, folk public welfare organization held in Tokyo yoyogi park large environmental protection public welfare activities such as "green life" exhibition, publicity and practice of environmental protection concept in the practical action.

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