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Unsaturated resins: the construction of high-end projects in 2018 supply the new pattern

Release time:2018-04-12

According to statistics, at the beginning of 2018 unsaturated resin can output in 4.95 million tons, confined to the environmental safety supervision of pressure, in the past two years, small unsaturated resin factory under pressure is bigger, because of the low threshold of resin, the product quality is uneven, small factory get prosperous development in previous years, small and medium-sized enterprise survival environment is good, quantity can also promote the unsaturated resin industry breakthrough. And as the green environmental protection, countries launched a series of environmental comprehensive harness, to low-end products for the main business of small resin factory has come to an end, facing more and more severe test, backward technology and low cost of production has clearly not adapt to the new era.

Environmental comprehensive harness, some small companies be eliminated or transformation, unsaturated resin industry is challenge and opportunity, as part of the factory, under the good living environment by the weakening of the number of the resin enterprise also has a significantly smaller effective capacity decreased, some small plants to passive or active repel market, resin enterprises cannot operate at full capacity, the capacity of UPR has reached the ceiling of the stage, according to statistics, most years resin factory comprehensive utilization in 5 to 6, the situation has good to exceed 6, see the huge pressure in the industry. Since last year, few new and expanded projects have been built or put off. The number of factories that have not been started for a long time and have been transformed is as high as 2-3 percent. This is also the fundamental factor that unsaturated resin production is difficult to increase. The shrinking production capacity and low start-up rate together determine that the growth rate of UPR production declines.

According to the statistics of zhongyu information, the total production capacity in 2017 is 4.95 million tons and 2.05 million tons respectively, while the effective production capacity in 2018 has a downward trend, as some manufacturers are limited to start construction. New capacity in 2018-2019 is expected to more than 80, ten thousand tons of new capacity is expected to put into production, predict the second half of this year there are three sets of equipment production, 440000 tons, respectively is 20000 tons of shijiazhuang a device, a set of 100000 tons of plant in east China, and shandong, 320000 tons of two sets of equipment, which accounted for 39.5% of new capacity in shandong, the specific production also need to observe the market situation. The new project also focuses on high-end resin products, modified resin and high-performance membrane materials. The products are applied to new energy vehicles, wind power generation, rail transit, aerospace, electronic coating and flue gas desulfurization.

Looking to the future, the UPR by extending the deep in the low-end products to high-end industries, strengthen the research and development of new type of green environmental protection products, resin device adopts intelligent synthetic resin production system, quality products to high-tech new compound material. The development of new materials in the 13th five-year plan is an important part of emerging industries. The development of new materials is of great benefit to solving industrial overcapacity and improving manufacturing efficiency.

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