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How does "One Belt And One Road" strategy open up the development space of plastics industry?

Release time:2018-05-08

Since the introduction of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy, various industries have been seizing the opportunity to strive to make it stronger and bigger, as is the case with the plastics industry. All the way, for example, China plastics city cling to "area" development opportunity, by looking for new resources, explore the new mode, developing high quality strategic partners, support the development of engineering plastics and modified plastics and grandness, insist to do bigger and stronger overall development goals.

It is understood that China plastics city next will continue to rely on the good and the service market more than 2500 non-public ownership enterprises, from two aspects of Bridges into full play, on the one hand is relying on the party construction to promote non-public enterprises to participate in the enthusiasm; On the other hand, it is to give full play to the organization role of the association, and help enterprises expand their horizon by going out for inspection, so as to attract more high-quality enterprises to invest in the city.

We often hear the four words "One Belt And One Road", and we often say them orally. But the notion of One Belt And One Road is very general, very vague.

What opportunities does the national "One Belt And One Road" strategy bring to the plastics industry? Under the environment of "One Belt And One Road", how do plastic enterprises go out, implement quality production capacity transfer, and how to develop in groups? In countries along the "One Belt And One Road" line, how should enterprises open up the development space of the plastics industry?

How does "One Belt And One Road" strategy open up the development space of plastics industry?

What's One Belt And One Road?

"One Belt And One Road" refers to "silk road economic belt" and "21st century maritime silk road" respectively.

As a national strategy initiated by China and promoted by senior officials, One Belt And One Road has far-reaching strategic significance for China's modernization construction and its leadership in the world.

The proposal of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy accords with the common needs of countries along the belt and road, opens a new window of opportunity for countries along the belt and road to complement each other's advantages and open development, and is a new platform for international cooperation. The strategy of "One Belt And One Road" talks about cooperation within the framework of equal cultural identity. It is a strategic decision of a country and embodies the spirit of peace, exchanges, understanding, inclusiveness, cooperation and win-win results.

One Belt And One Road in the 13th five-year plan

In the 13th five-year plan, the "One Belt And One Road" strategy will be more sound and inclusive.

At present, China has become the world's largest plastic industry, with the world's largest consumer market. Plastic as China's important export industry, plastic products exports to $2016 in 57.7 billion, which exports to all the way "area" of $17.46 billion, plastic products export to all the way "area" country exports accounted for 12.1% of the total amount of light industry products exports to the region. In addition, China exported 1.34 billion us dollars of professional equipment for plastic processing in 2016, up 13.4% year on year. It can be said that in 2016, the plastics industry adhered to the orientation of consumption upgrading and achieved a smooth start of the 13th five-year plan.

In 2017, China exported 11.68 million tons of plastic products, up 12.2% year on year. Exports totaled 262.79 billion yuan, up 11.6 percent year on year. At present, temporarily did not show all the way "area" in 2017 export plastic products related data, but according to the layout of the "area" strategy and implementation, and actively cooperate with the situation of each enterprise data must be considerable.

Which countries are along the One Belt And One Road line

For those who seek development opportunities in "area" strategy of the enterprise, in addition to understand the "neighbourhood" policy, also must be aware of what countries "in all the way along the" how, so it is good for you to suit the remedy to the case, find the orientation of their outward development.

So, what are the countries along the One Belt And One Road line?

A total of 65 countries and regions are involved along the One Belt And One Road, including Mongolia and 10 asean countries in east Asia.

18 countries of western Asia:

Eight countries in South Asia:

Five central Asian states:

7 states of the commonwealth of independent states:

16 central and eastern European countries:.

Plan the development blueprint along One Belt And One Road

After a clear understanding of the objects to be developed along One Belt And One Road, the enterprise can clearly plan its own One Belt And One Road blueprint.

Honeywell, for example, based on "service in the world of the east" strategy, in the great background of China "neighbourhood" policy, establish the depth cooperation partnership with Chinese companies, will be advanced, high efficiency, energy saving and environmentally friendly technology to "neighbourhood" all the way along the route of countries and regions, to promote regional economic development. Honeywell is understood to have set up more than 20 branches along the One Belt And One Road line, providing jobs for more than 3,200 local employees. Such a large network has become an important advantage for honeywell to participate in the construction of One Belt And One Road.

As the nation's largest acrylonitrile traders, Shanghai Shi Huajin trade company make full use of market research and analysis on the professional ability, found that the current "neighbourhood" all the way along the route of India, Thailand and other countries there is a big demand of acrylonitrile. Among them, there are 3 acrylic fiber production enterprises in India. Due to the lack of acrylonitrile production equipment, there is a large annual demand for raw materials. Acrylonitrile is an important monomer in the production of synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber and synthetic resin. With the production of some acrylonitrile devices in China in recent years, the acrylonitrile market is gradually oversupplied and the factory opening rate declines, so the export is imperative. Shanghai petrochemical acrylonitrile market took a new step with One Belt And One Road strategy.

Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, "One Belt And One Road" cooperation mechanism will be more perfect, economic corridor "One Belt And One Road" will be more open, in Russia, China, central Asia, west Asia, China, Indochina, China and India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and myanmar new asian-european land bridge international economic cooperation, such as the construction of the corridor, to build a bridge of good Chinese plastic industry.


All the way there is no doubt that the country "area" strategy for the plastics industry to expand the new space of development, while China is the world's plastics industry the first big country, but all sorts of challenges is to follow, for example, in the plastic industry widespread financing difficulties, financing, rigid Labour costs rise, and industry innovation ability insufficiency, the high-end product supply and so on. With the "One Belt And One Road" strategy, the plastics industry can further solve the development bottleneck and generate new momentum. Enterprises can intelligent manufacture, for example, gripper, actively around the functionalization, lightweight, ecology, micro forming technology development direction, speed up structural adjustment, the new material, new technology, new equipment, new products are the "four new" direction, focus on cultivating new economic growth point, and through the innovation and development, green development, as well as mass transfer efficiency, to promote the development of plastic industry, open the industry a new situation, make plastic industry climbed to a new level.

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