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The European Union has issued new limits on BPA in coatings

Release time:2018-05-16

On February 14, 2018, the European Union issued A new regulation through the official communique to further restrict the use of bisphenol A(BPA) in certain food-contact materials.

2018/213 of the European commission regulations (EU) to focus on those with bisphenol A in food contact varnish and coating of set limit to, and is the previous regulations No10/2011 revision of the (EU), the latter is about the plastic material in contact with the food laws and regulations, the latest regulations of BPA are brought forward in the varnish and coating of migration limits (SML) index, and revised the previous regulations, the SML values of BPA in plastic material.

Specifically, the European commission regulations (EU) 2018/213 for varnish and the migration of BPA in the coating of 0.05 mg/kg (food) SML limited standards, and made the lowest SML index of BPA detection, the detection limit of 0.01 mg/kg, the varnish and coating materials, which may be in contact with the food or items infant formula milk powder; Follow-up formula food; Processed cereal; Other baby food or special medical food (based on beverages and similar products designed specifically for young children).

As for the revision of the EU's no10/2011 plastic regulation, the new BPA regulation reduced the SML of BPA from the previous 0.6mg/kg to 0.05mg/kg, and extended the scope of the ban on BPA in polycarbonate baby bottles to sucking cups.

The law also stipulates that the operator should ensure that the coating or coating material and declaration of conformity of the goods must be accompanied by written (DoC), the statement applies to all other than the retail stage production, processing and distribution stage. In addition, the operator shall provide appropriate supporting documents at the request of the competent national authorities. Supporting documents must contain conditions and results for testing and calculation, including modeling, other analysis, and security or reasoning evidence of compliance.

New BPA regulations will take effect on September 6, 2018, prior to the date of this legal market varnish coating or coating material containing items and plastic materials and items can still be sold on the market, until you run out of inventory.

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